Peach Melba 

Are You Sitting Comfortably?,
Campaign for Amnesty on the Refugee crisis.

A campaign involving an interactive exhbition to learn the truths refugees face.

Refugees are suffering each day. With over 85% of refugees being hosted in developing countries, I created a campaign to highlight the shocking truths that refugees face. The campaign named ‘Are you Sitting Comfortably?’ involves an exhibition, hosted at Hatch (a shipping container event space in Manchetser). In which attendees unveil statistics about what is going on right now for refugees.

Interactive UV posters

Print outcomes
Through the use of UV ink guests are able to interact with the posters by shining a torch on the large posters. This conveys the idea that their stories are hidden in plain sight. The audience will uncover stories from refugees as well as the harsh truths they face in the UK due to the unfair system. The idea of the event is to spark a conversation, we are all just people who need to understand eachother.

The visuals were hand created with Suminigashi marbling. I used this as when you drop the ink into the water, it is constantly moving around; just like how many refugees are displaced for sometimes their whole lives. As well as this, the layers created remind me of contour lines in geography, which illustrates the idea that refugees are all over the world.

Map of exhibition
In my research I found some really upsetting facts about how hard it really is for people escaping their country to find refuge. I interviewed many people, including a woman called Tia from Care4Calais. She told me some stories which she has encountered in her time working with refugees. Many of these stories were quite hard to grasp and i felt more people should hear them. I included these as part of the series, people can read them as they shine the light on the paper.

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