Peach Melba 


An installation set at a bus stop which shows some of the conditions being imposed on those in Myanmar.

On the first of February 2021 the military took control of Myanmar. Internet services blocked, ATM’s shut, curfews set and many lives of civilians have been lost to this coup. If this was a Western power, the whole world would be aware, but because it isn’t, news coverage hasn’t been frequent.

Bus stop installation

Print outcomes

Subverting the rules being placed in Myanmar. There is a ban of five people— they could be shot for this. This is demonstrated in my campaign through the subverted social distancing rules as footprints. A curfew of 8pm-4am has also been imposed, for this I crossed out all of the times during this curfew, on the bus timetable at the installation.
My campaign is targeted towards 20-30-year-old’s around student areas, I wanted to raise awareness of this event. The idea of this is to get people to empathise with those in Myanmar, so I subverted the conditions that the Burmese are enduring to fit a UK audience. I felt this was an appropriate audience due to the power of Western influence on the rest of the world. By lobbying higher governments to act on the military, there will be a greater chance of restoring democracy within Myanmar.

Finished artefacts

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