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Not Just,
Instagram account on refugee crisis

A self initiated collaboration project with Lily Brown highlighting the issues regarding the refugee crisis.

The research from my previous project with Amnesty International was truly shocking. Myself and Lily felt it was important to try and expose the information we found online. So we created the Instagram brand ‘Not Just’. We named this as the name ‘refugee’ has a lot of stereotypes and connotations attached to it, it is not just a name, there is a story behind each individual person. As well as this, the events happening to refugees is not just. It isn’t right. The instagram account was designed to catch peoples attention and spread information in a light hearted tone, so that it isn’t scare mongering.

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We used Instagram as a tool to promote awareness surrounding the issues that refugees face, which many people are unaware of. We felt it was important to get this information public so that more people could find out facts which would help better educate them on whats going on and what they can do to help! 


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